Qingdao Nuodean Pump Co.,Ltd, located in Qingdao City of China,is a professional company engaged in the development, production, sales and service of diaphragm pumps & hose pumps. Our company has independent intellectual property rights and trademarks.

NUODEAN’s DP11 Series diaphragm pumps are patented products independently developed by our company, which offer great performance : non-stall, less-pulsation,anti-freezing, maintenance-free,durable and with large flow. 


  • Sealless Design
  • Low Material Shear
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Can Run Dry without Damage
  • Portable
  • Self Priming
  • Easy-to-install


  • Stall-free Design:This avoids stalling issues associated with other pumps.
  • Self-lubricating, and maintenance-free air systems.
  • More flow and less pulsation:Pilot air valve provides an positive,reliable shift signal that avoids stall-out,and provides faster pump trip-over with more flow and less pulsation.
  • The use of dual ceramic dynamic seals:More wear-resisting ; better ability to work under polluted and/or dirty air, applicable to the harsh environment of air source; Long lifetime.
  • Anti-icing design:With bulit-in energy-dissipation chamber,it is anti-icing and effectively reduces the discharge air pressure and noise from work;Cold exhaust air is diverted from ice-prone components.
  • Less air consumption:The internal shape of the air chambers are optimized to save more air.
  • High lift,Stable Operating

Hose Pumps

a pump with no seals or valves to wear, clog, or leak

The pumping action results from alternately compressing and relaxing a machined hose between the pump housing and the compressing shoes.
The fluid ahead of the shoe is pushed towards the discharge while the rebounding hose behind the shoe draws more fluid in. With 100% compression at all times, the pump does not slip, providing unbeatable metering accuracy and pressure performance. With no pump seals, seats or valves, abrasive slurries are no problem. With the fluid contacting only the inner wall of the hose, the pump is perfect for aggressive chemicals.